Competitive market share, Reveal Customer lifestyle, Catchment area, Marketing ROI

Gyana for Retail

Understand Your Customer

Pinpoint where your customers live and work. Understand the catchment area and travel distance of your customer base. Know why some days work and some do not!

Quantify the effect of marketing campaigns

Measure the success of a change in marketing strategy by comparing the number and type of visitors your locations attract before and after the campaign. Make real time changes to ongoing campaigns. Prove the ROI behind the campaigns.

Rank your locations

Measure your market share on both a local and national level. Compare your stores’ performance with competing venues. Get key insights on your competitors’ footfall figures to assess their prospects relative to your own.

Benchmark across all other physical assets in that category.

Optimize retail operations

Our data scientists will perform detailed local area analysis to help you streamline your operations. Use Gyana’s insights to plan store expansion to maximise footfall. Strategically shut down underperforming locations to minimise sales cannibalisation and put stores in the right places - footfall has never been enough or accurate before but this is like nothing you have tried.