Real Estate

Maximise lease value, expansion and contraction decisions, optimise regeneration, whitespace analysis

Gyana for Real Estate

Enhance Your Tenant Mix

Understand which brands perform the best in your shopping centres to help you decide which companies to attract in the future. Use footfall data to maximise rents during lease renegotiation. Find the best mix of stores to host for a street or a corner. Make well informed expansion decisions.

Urban Regeneration Analysis

Quantify the success of a urban regeneration project by measuring how the town centre has responded to the change. Determine how the demographic profile of town centre visitors has changed before and after the project and how people’s travel changed.

Residential Behaviour

See which brands and facilities are popular with your residents to make sure that the retailers you invite into your residential spaces are a good fit for your tenants. After all space-as-a-service is essential to make profits and reduce churn.

Optimise Office Management

Understand what kind of people work in your office spaces to tailor your facilities to their preferences.Bring in brands, lifestyle classes or food they care about. Know the work pattern of these people- what percentage are digital nomads and how many are desk junkies?