Financial Services

Equity and credit analysis, due diligence, asset monitoring, sanity check

Gyana for Financial Services

Asset Performance

Real time performance monitoring for the first time. This is footfall but not like you have seen before. Check zone level asset performance, instantly observe quarterly drops or increases- No more waiting for quarterly reports on stale data. See it as it unfolds.

Equity Analysis

Augment your equity analysis with footfall data to set more accurate price targets for the stocks you cover. Receive customised alerts if footfall increase or decrease more than usual during pre-determined timeframes. Create a whole new way for your customers to assess stock trends.

Credit Analysis

Minimise your exposure by incorporating mobility data into your credit assessments. Spot hidden risks before they materialise with the help of high-frequency footfall data. This human component will revel essential “why’s” behind so many trends.

Due Diligence

Make accurate valuations of prospective purchases by using visitation numbers as a proxy for market share. Gain understanding of how competing assets are performing to identify assets with wide moats. Create a DD report that covers all the grounds.