Data Offerings

APIs and enriched data sets. Integration possible with CRMs, existing models and backtesting.


Weekly Data Dumps

If your business requires more frequent footfall and market share figures we can provide those via a data dump on a weekly basis. This allows you a more granular view into your customers behaviour. Our data scientists will design an API to load the data directly into your own platform.

Specialised Indicators

Gyana will design bespoke indicators tailored specifically for your business. Monitor changes in market share on a week-by-week basis, search for correlations between passing footfall and strength of competition and benchmark your locations relative to a metric of your own choosing.

Urban Analysis

Obtain detailed analysis of your local urban centre with Gyana. By partitioning the area into standardised grid segments, we can measure the foot traffic in each individual sector to provide a highly accurate heatmap of activity across your town or city. We can then apply more specific filters to the data to show you heatmaps of specific demographics (for example, bank workers or residents within 2km), that you can then use to further refine your analytics.