Streamline expansion strategy, ROI on investments, competitor financial performance, optimise customer spend

Gyana for Strategy

Determine ROI on retail investments

Traditional models for measuring ROI lean heavily on information from financial statements, such as revenue, sales, income and so on. While these are undoubtedly important, the numbers on their own do not tell the full story. Complimenting your existing models with mobility data can reveal important nuances for your clients.

Evaluate competitor financial performance

The advantage of using easily scalable tools that use location data from mobile devices is that they can deliver insights on any brand or location. Get the inside track on how your client’s competitors are performing and better understand the reasons behind your own customer churn.

Streamline expansion strategy

Achieve more for less by understanding what is effective for both your clients and their competitors. Mobility data can be used to derive catchment areas for retail venues. This will enable you to advise your clients on their expansion and closure plans.

Optimise customer spend

Do your customers come from more or less affluent neighbourhoods? Are they primarily busy local workers, or are they residents? What sectors do they work in? By mapping visitor home and workplace locations, and building a demographic profile of your customer base, you can finetune your client’s marketing strategy and tailor their pricing to their target consumers.