Gyana is AI for everyone

We create technology that is easy to use and empowers everyone to become a data scientist in moments.


Gyana Vayu

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A technology tool that brings data science to everyone. It cleans, normalises, pipelines data and help you analyse and perform machine learning techniques with no coding experience.

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Introducing Gyana VAYU

A No-Code technology for everyone who wants to be a data scientist

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    Single source of truth - Bring many data sets to a single platform

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    Intuitive design - It has super simple and easy to use actions you do everyday

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    Collaboration ready - You can share your workspace with team mates for free

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    Scales super easy - Going to the cloud is now a single button (auto scales)

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    Helps advanced analysis - From simple charts to advanced regression to ML, all at a click

About Us

In 2016 Gyana was made by two friends in Oxford University who love to open up access to tech to everyone. Very soon their flagship geolocation product led them to global awards and more than few millions of investment. That is when they realised it was time to launch their mothership, a data agnostic product that works across sectors and with multiple data types. Something that everyone can use. The world of secrets should not just belong to endless hours of analysis - it should be for everyone.

  • Claire S
    "Everyone deserves
    a super power"
    Joyeeta Das
    Founder & CEO
  • Eleanor S

    "We love democratising
    deep tech"
    David Kell
    Co-Founder & CTO
Our Team

Gyana is a unit of highly motivated, talented people from all disciplines- computer science, mathematics, physics, fine arts - we have them all. We are always looking for ambitious, talented out-of-the box thinkers.

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